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SCOTTSDALE, Arizona — May 20, 2021 ( — Praxsyn Corporation’s (OTC: PXYN, the “Company”) subsidiary, Mesa Pharmacy, Inc., through its attorneys, had filed a Petition for Reconsideration of the Findings of Fact and Opinion on Decision regarding its pending litigation in California before the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.  The Company is still currently awaiting a ruling on the Petition for Reconsideration.  However, notwithstanding the current lack of receipt of the ruling on the Petition for Reconsideration, the Company is proceeding with the preparation of an appeal to the California Courts of Appeal should the Petition for Reconsideration ultimately be denied.

You can find the official press release here:

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Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Praxsyn Corporation works to realize the vision of medical professionals to improve the lives of their patients. Additional company information can be found at

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