How We Started

Our founders have always desired to help people. In 2006, Chief Executive Officer Edward Kurtz and his team were building a chain of community pharmacies that specialized in women’s health issues for low-income neighborhoods. While seeing the various side-effects that derail true healing, Kurtz (then COO) was introduced to compounding—the creation of personalized medication for patients—for pain-management, particularly for the injured worker. Kurtz’s extensive experience with labor-intensive industries, work-place injuries and workers’ compensation, helped him instantly recognize the need for a pain-alternative medicine for the injured worker.

“Personalized medication for the injured worker is going to benefit the employee, the employer, and the insurance company,” said Kurtz, “Now the employee has not been introduced to the euphoric feeling of an opioid medication, but is able to find healing and avoid a dangerous addiction.” 

Kurtz recognized that the concept had great potential to help people, however building a business around it would still be difficult. He built a business model and introduced it to several partnering physicians, then set a deadline for how long they would test it out in order to see if the medication could gross revenue. His intuition proved to be correct. Within several months, the company began to see substantial revenue. 

The goal here was to create a non-narcotic pain relief alternative that would have less adverse effects for the patient, and in turn, benefit the employer and insurance company by allowing the patient to heal faster and decrease their time out of commission. This, to Kurtz, was a game-changer. He and his team formed Praxsyn’s first subsidiary, Mesa Pharmacy, which has since helped countless patients treat their injuries and help avoid addiction. This has created a true healing in physicians’ therapy, and a true example of the work Praxsyn continues to produce; in short, a true Win-Win.