Who is Praxsyn Corporation?

Praxsyn Corporation is the parent company to subsidiaries currently in the healthcare provider industry.

 Who is Mesa Pharmacy?

Mesa Pharmacy Inc., is located in Irvine, California and is a wholly owned subsidiary to Praxsyn Corporation. Mesa is a community retail pharmacy as well as a provider of custom compounded medications as well as commercial medications that are marketed to health physicians and medical clinics. The operations consist of the production and sale, by prescription, of medications to both preferred provider organization and worker’s compensation insurance providers. The products are either picked up directly at Mesa Pharmacy or shipped directly to patients, and billings for these products are typically made to and collected from the insurance providers.

Who is NexGen Med Solutions?

NexGen Med Solutions LLC is also a wholly-owned subsidiary of Praxsyn Corporation located in Irvine, California. They are a billing and collections company specializing in workers’ compensation claims (WC). This subsidiary allows Praxsyn to manage its, and potentially other third parties, WC accounts receivable in an affordable and effective manner.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my Praxsyn Corporation Preferred stock?

You should contact Praxsyn Corporation’s transfer agent, Broadridge Financial Solutions.

Broadridge Shareholder Relations Customer Service

+1- 877-830-4936 (9 am – 6 pm ET)



What is a Transfer Agent?

A transfer agent is a regulated organization that keeps track of stockholder records and information. Please contact Broadridge for transfers, address changes, or any other questions regarding Praxsyn Corporation shares of stock.


What if I hold shares through my broker? Am I a registered shareholder? Do I still need to contact Broadridge?

If your stock is held at your brokerage firm, you do not need to contact Broadridge because a transfer agent does not keep track of shares traded or held through brokerage accounts. Stocks that are held in a brokerage account are considered to be held in "street name," which means that those shares are held on behalf of the stockholder by the broker. In this case, the transfer agent considers the brokerage to be the registered shareholder. It is the responsibility of the brokerage firm to keep track of the accounts of their clients and to provide those clients with information regarding their Praxsyn shares.

Does Praxsyn put limits on company information being released by the transfer agent?

Praxsyn has not given any special instructions to the transfer agent to withhold any information that shareholders are legally entitled to receive.   

On what exchange does Praxsyn trade and what is its ticker symbol?

Shares of Praxsyn Common stock are quoted on the OTC Markets Group Inc. under the symbol PXYN.

Are you still factoring your receivables?

We provide this information in our filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Please visit our SEC Filings Archive page to refer to our most recent report.

When does Praxsyn report earnings?

Our financial information is released in our quarterly reports which are due in the months of May, August, and November, and our yearly report during the month of March.  However, such filing dates may be changed due to extensions, holidays, and etc.  These reports can be found on the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website by searching in the company field using the words PXYN or Praxsyn.

How can shareholders reach out to Praxsyn Representatives?

Please contact Investor Relations at (949) 777-6112 or by email at ir@praxsyn.com.

When should we expect to see press releases?

Press releases are disseminated to the public when a material event or change occurs that warrants a news release.

 Why doesn’t Praxsyn release regular monthly sales and other financial updates in the form of press releases?

We release sales and financial updates in our quarterly and year end filings. Public companies do not typically release monthly earnings in press releases because they are neither audited nor reviewed.